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A long long time ago in a galaxy far, far away a few alien people landed. Their passion for seeing young people develop, encouraged them to form a youth club in what had formally been a run-down police station. Still they dreamt of something more enriching; perhaps they wondered, we could turn the tired old police station into a community coffee shop.

An off the cuff comment about their dream to Lisa Fowles at Villages Housing resulted in an offer of 40 free hours of manual labour. The ball was rolling; next came a free kitchen and some flooring; a council grant was applied for and granted and with lots and lots of generosity from the local community (electricians, plasterers, floor fitters etc) the dream was realised. ‘The Brew’ came to life.

Nearly 2 years in and we are going from strength to strength and have created a beautiful (if I say so myself) building that sells great fresh coffees and a place to feel welcomed and at home.

If you’re ever passing and feel like you need a cake, a chat and a coffee (or tea) then call in and see us; @ The Brew, 1 Fircroft shopping precinct (facing Fitton Hill library) Oldham, Ol8 2QN (0161 628 6808)

Our website provides youGroup with details of our activities and give you an idea who we are. Please take the opportunity to provide some feedback, to keep keep things fresh! Please feel free to comment either on things you’ve seen here or about our community programmes!

Inter-generational Project: Hathershaw school, Villages housing, Oldham council and ourselves  are working together to help teach ‘silver surfers’ things they need for the 21st century.

This project is an example of how we work with partner organisations to encourage the growth of a better community.  The young people we work with are finding that the older generation are not old fuddy-duddies after all and by sharing their skills can bring enrichment to lives, particularly those who are shut in, or distant from their relations.

Inter-gen project

Inter-generational project – Helping ‘Silver Surfers’

Hathershaw college, Head of Year said this about the project:

The inter generation project has been very successful so far. Our Ambassadors are enjoying the experience and always look forward to coming to the sessions. The elder residents work well and gelled with our student’s; it feels like that they have known them for years.

I hope we can continue with the project over the next few terms and really show that Technology can make a difference with a touch of a finger.
Thank you.

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