Giving the opportunity for all to succeed, change your life and the lives of others.

Young people should have opportunity to succeed, whatever their background, neighbourhood or family. The Eden project serves many young people in Fitton Hill to do better through activities, support and creating opportunities. Anew is an opportunity for bright, active and intelligent young people to take them to the next level. Traditionally, young people from Fitton Hill and Oldham Hulme Grammar School have very different aspirations. Anew aims to raise and broaden the aspirations of all the young people  through inspiration, support and hard work, raising academic ability, but also creating strong friendships and a concern for the whole community.


Anew with Hulme Grammar is giving development and learning opportunities, and mentoring to a number of individuals. Together with similar young people from Hulme they will volunteer locally, raise funds and go in a life changing experience helping a community project, our last group spent three weeks in the jungle of Ecuador.

When/how do I get involved? We are finalising the intake for the new programme, who will do the expedetion in 2014. If you are in school year 10 contact the Eden Office for details by the end of October 2012.