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Villages Housing Association own and manages nearly 3000 properties in Knowsley, Oldham and St Helens. Our portfolio includes general needs, sheltered and supported housing.

Villages Housing’s mission statement is….
“To be more than just a landlord by working in partnership to create an environment for communities to flourish”.
This means that we are involved in issues and projects far wider than just bricks and mortar. We work with partners in education and training, crime and ASB, health, transport, social activities and shopping provision.

As a not-for-profit organisation we are able to re-invest all of our income back into our communities to assist in meeting this objective.

Our ethos is to be locally based. Our activities support both community priorities and local authority objectives through their local area agreements. By working in partnership we aim to create environments that enable our communities to flourish.

HCH – (Hope Citadel Health Care) Eden Fitton Hill partners with HCH Hill Top Surgery in Fitton Hill.

Hope Citadel Healthcare is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) that was set up in June 2008 with a vision to improve the healthcare provision for deprived communities in Greater Manchester.

We are committed to providing care for the whole person and understand that health cannot be ‘solved’ or improved solely by clinical means, and we achieve this through the integration of excellent primary care with committed community care.

As a social enterprise Hope Citadel has a community focus rather than a shareholder focus which means that any surpluses we make are reinvested back into our services for improvement or development, and or into the communities where we are based.

Eden Network:

Eden is an award-winning and increasingly influential approach to urban youth work and missional community, originating in Manchester in 1997 flowing out of the innovative schools’ work and music of The Message Trust, which has developed into a network of Eden teams stretching across the city. Eden’s mandate is to go to the most challenging urban areas and share God’s life-changing love in word and action, by teams choosing to live in these communities, sharing the problems of those growing up there and ministering to their needs.

At its heart Eden is about youth work, but it’s also so much more than that. Eden recognises that young people lead lives layered with all sorts of relationships, aspirations and frustrations. Working with them successfully requires a holistic approach embracing their family, their education, their health and of course, the key thing that sets us apart from secular agencies – their relationship with God.

Comment from Eden Regional Director, Manchester

It has been great to see how the work of Eden has developed over the years in Fitton Hill, and is a testimony to the dedication and commitment of the volunteers who are now firmly rooted as a significant members of the community, as they seek to share their lives, serve the young people and their neighbours, and bring about spiritual & social transformation in Fitton Hill in creative and relevant ways, most noticeable of late through the pioneering work of Hope Citadel Health Centre.

POLICE – Eden Fitton Hill has a strong working relationship with the local community policing team working together on issues with local young people and together developing the FACE media project